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I.C.ROCK is one of Australias premier rock'n'roll bands.  Formed from 5 professional musicians who individually have played and performed all over the world and now have joined together to play a tightly knit brand of 50's - 80's rock.  With stunning harmonies and a fun attitude, I.C.ROCK will make any function a night to remember.  They are:


Lead singer, harmonies and occasional keyboards. 

Colin is the voice of I.C.ROCK.  His distinctive vocals move easily from Elvis to Roy Orbison from Tom Jones to Cliff Richard.  He has performed in RSL's and leagues clubs in NSW and Victoria for many years.  With an infectious sense of humour and an engaging stage presence Colin brings something unique to I.C.ROCK.



Lead guitar, vocals and harmonies

Ron has perfomred all over the world both as a solo performer and as part of a band.  This experience shows when Ron plays as his guitar ranges from screaming lead riffs to gentle soft fills.  He has a touch that adds colour and expression to everything he plays which helps to create the sound of I.C.ROCK.


Rhythm guitar and harmonies. (Mandolin if required GHU)

John has been playing professionally since the early 60's in different bands around Gippsland before moving to Melbourne where he played with the Martino Brothers before Ritchie and the Royals.  Johns subtle rhythms and harmonies add flavour to the I.C.ROCK sound.


Drums, percussion, vocals and harmonies.

If Colin is the voice of I.C.ROCK then Theo is the heartbeat.  He has played most styles including heavy metal, rock'n'roll show bands and Indian music.  Bands include Strange Brew and popular Melbourne band Rockin Daddys.  Theos drumming can be characterized as power and precision and provides a rock solid foundation for the I.C.ROCK sound.




Bass guitar, vocals and harmonies.

Allan has performed all over Australia and also overseas with various bands for the past 23 years was the bass player for popular Melbourne band Flashback.  Now Allan brings to I.C.ROCK his quirky one liners, pithy sayings, jokes and most of all thundering bass lines and tight harmonies which blend with Colin, Ron, John and Theo to make the unique sound of I.C.ROCK.